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We want to know about your experience during the 2021 Virtual Dash 4 Dad! During your walk or run, snap some pics or videos of you and your family and friends doing their thing! We want to see you out and about supporting Prostate Cancer research!

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    “My biopsy results were positive for prostate cancer, my Gleason score was 6, and I needed to make some decisions. I went to the prostate cancer support group meeting soon after my diagnosis. I was able to speak to a couple of men that had been through different types of treatment, which was helpful. In all cases, the doctors all suggested surgery. In February of 2019, it will be 15 years cancer free. I think I am very fortunate to be living in the vicinity of excellent health care, doctors and the regional cancer facility. It is also great to be able to ‘give back’ and help with the Dash 4 Dad fundraiser, over those 15 years, supporting local prostate cancer research. ”
    Dash 4 Dad Committee Member
    “In January of 2013, I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. We were completely shocked and devastated to learn it was an aggressive form of the disease. Dr. Chin offered me the opportunity of being part of a clinical trial. It has now been two years since my surgery and my PSA counts are undetectable. I want the word to get out to all men that having a yearly blood test to check PSA levels is of the utmost importance. Early detection saved my life and it could save theirs. I have been extremely blessed to have a family doctor who acted on that slight change in blood work and for the expertise and excellent care of Dr. Chin and his team.”
    Dash 4 Dad Committee Member
    “I was only 46 when my family doctor told me I probably had prostate cancer. I participated in a clinical trial which included chemotherapy and hormone therapy with Dr. Chin and his clinical team. The treatment happened quickly and now my PSA is undetectable. A lot of research cannot happen without fundraising, so it’s important that we raise those funds and raise awareness. Research leads to a cure.”
    Dash 4 Dad Committee Member, Creator of A Night of Comedy, Chair of London Prostate Cancer Support Group

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